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numero 5 - febbraio 2013

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Marzo - Ottobre 2013

Marzo - Ottobre 2013

7-9 marzo 2013, Lisbona

3rd Global Conference: Experiential Learning in Virtual Worlds


10-13 marzo 2013, Gerusalemme

Neuroplasticity and Cognitive Modifiability


15-16 marzo 2013, San Paolo

Third International Conference on Health, Wellness and Society


15-17 marzo 2013, Tokyo

International Symposium on Business and Social Sciences (2013 ISBS) 


17-18 marzo 2013, Macao

2nd International Conference on Language, Medias and Culture - ICLMC 2013


17-18 marzo 2013, Macao

2nd International Conference on Social Science and Humanity - ICSSH 2013


19-23 marzo 2013, Stellenbosch (Sud Africa) 

1st World Conference on Personality


28-31 marzo 2013, Osaka

The Third Asian Conference on Psychology and the Behavioral Sciences


29-31 marzo 2013, online

Online conference on multidisciplinary social sciences


3-5 aprile 2013, Kitakyushu (Giappone)

International Symposium on Education and Psychology (ISEP 2013)


4-7 aprile 2013, Boston

Journal of Analytical Psychology’s XI International Conference


6-9 aprile 2013, Nizza

21st European Congress of Psychiatry


11-13 aprile 2013, Houston, TX

28th Annual Conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology


14-16 aprile 2013, Bangkok

Annual Conference on Management and Social Sciences (ACMSS Conference 2013)


15-18 aprile 2013, Verona

Intercultural counselling and education in the global world


16-18 aprile 2013, Jeddah (Arabia Saudita)

The 9th International Conference on Psychiatry: Bridging the gap between Science, Culture and Clinical Psychiatry


18-19 aprile 2013, Barcellona

20th International Symposium on Current issues and Controversies in Psychiatry


18-20 aprile 2013, Seattle

Biennial Meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development


18-21 aprile 2013, Seul

9th International Congress on Mental Disorders & Other Non-Motor features in Parkinson's Disease and Related Disorders


26-28 aprile 2013, Syracuse, NY

The 2013 Emphatic Therapy Conference


26-28 aprile 2013, Madrid

International Psychological Applications Conference and Trends


27 aprile–1 maggio 2013, San Francisco

American Education Research Association Annual Conference


9-11 maggio 2013, Praga

4th Global Conference on Pain: A Making Sense of Project


9-11 maggio 2013, Praga

11th Global Conference on Violence: Prohibing the Boundaries


10-12 maggio 2013, Orvieto

X Congresso Nazionale SIPSA


14-17 maggio 2013, Aix-en-Provence

International Conference for Academic Disciplines


16-19 maggio 2013, Los Angeles

Work, Stress, and Health 2013: Protecting and Promoting Total Worker Health


20-21 maggio 2013, Melbourne

Girls in Education International Conference


21-24 maggio 2013, Praga

3rd Global Conference on Femminities & Masculinities: A Gender & Sexuality Project


22-25 maggio 2013, Münster

EAWOP 2013


23-24 maggio 2013, Ibiza

The Macrotheme Conference on Business and Social Science


23-26 maggio 2013, Washington, DC

25th Annual Convention of the Association for Psychological Sciences


23-26 maggio 2013, New York

The Finance, Global Management, Economics & Information Technology Research Conference


26-27 maggio 2013, Orvieto

Sesto Convegno Nazionale di Psicologia dell'Invecchiamento


27-30 maggio 2013, Atene

7th Annual International Conference on Psychology


5-8 giugno 2013, Lipsia

14th International Congress of the International Federation of Psychiatric Epidemiology


6-8 giugno 2013, Cancun

2nd International Symposium on Controversies in Psychiatry


7-10 giugno 2013, New York

The Creativity Workshop


14-16 giugno 2013, Pechino

International Conference on Education, Economic, Psychology, and Society


17-21 giugno 2013, Salisburgo

Euro-American Conference for Academic Disciplines


19-21 giugno 2013, Istanbul

European Conference on Social Science Research


20 giugno 2013, Derby, UK

Second Conference on Applied Qualitative Research in Psychology


20-22 giugno 2013, Padova

Conferenza Internazionale. Life Design: Instillare la speranza e fortificare la resilienza


23-29 giugno 2013, Chania, Grecia

The Creativity Workshop


27-28 giugno 2013, Dubrovnik

Business and Social Science Research Conference


29 giugno-3 luglio 2013, Lisbona

World Congress for Social Psychiarty


2-4 luglio 2013, Bangkok

International Conference of Organizational Innovation


3-7 luglio 2013, Zagabria

4th ENSEC Conference – Social and Emotional Competence in a Changing World


8 luglio 2013, Ipswich

Children and Childhoods Conference


9-12 luglio 2013, Stoccolma

ECP 2013: European Congress of Psychology


11-14 luglio 2013, Londra

The Economics, Finance, MIS & International Business Research Conference


17-20 luglio 2013, Porto

35th International School Psychology Association Conference


17-20 luglio 2013, San Sebastian

ECPA12: European Conference of Psychological Assessment


18-20 luglio 2013, Oxford

3rd Global Conference: Childhood


22-25 luglio 2013, Lima

7th World Congress of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (WCBCT)


31 luglio-4 agosto 2013, Honolulu

2013 APA Annual Conference


1-4 agosto 2013, Istanbul

The Finance, MIS, Economics & Global Business Research Conference


6-9 agosto 2013, Istanbul

International Conference on Clinical and Counselling Psychology


18-23 agosto 2013, Copenaghen

XIX International Congress for Analytical Psychology


20-24 agosto 2013, Dubrovnik

Exploring Your Life Story through Art & Body Psychotherapy


22-24 agosto 2013, Daejeon (Sud Corea)

5th Asian Congress of Health Psychology


22-25 agosto 2013, Varsavia

18th International Conference – Best practice in psychological therapies for psychosis


25-28 agosto 2013, Brisbane

International Council on Alcohol, Drugs and Traffic Safety Conference


26-31 agosto 2013, Monaco di Baviera

EARLI 15th Biennal Conference


27-30 agosto 2013, Losanna

Congress of the International Association for the Psychology of Religion


5-6 ottobre 2013, Bologna

Secondo congresso Nazionale SIPLO