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numero 34 - febbraio 2016

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Marzo - Maggio 2016

Marzo - Maggio 2016

1-2 Marzo 2016, San Francisco

International Conference on Social Science, Language and Education


1-3 Marzo 2016, Oxford

3rd Annual International Conference on Interdisciplinary Legal Studies


3-4 Marzo 2016, Guragon (India)

1st International Conference on Applied Psychology


9-10 Marzo 2016, Toronto

International Conference on Arts, Social Science, Economics and Education 


11-12 Marzo 2016, Varsavia

International Conference on Medical Humanities


14-15 Marzo 2016, New York

International Conference on Social Science, Literature and Education


14-15 Marzo 2016, Barcellona

International Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences


20-23 Marzo 2016, Valencia

Global Innovation and Knowledge Academy


25-27 Marzo 2016, Bangkok

International Conference on Spirituality and Psychology


26-27 Marzo 2016, Istanbul

Eurasia-Latin America International Conference


1-2 Aprile 2016, Los Angeles

Spring Global Symposium for Psychology Professionals


2-3 Aprile 2016, Istanbul

2nd International Workshop on Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences


6-8 Aprile 2016, Bangkok

International Symposium on Education and Psychology


6-9 Aprile 2016, Vancouver

Research on Adolescents and Adults: If not now, when? 7th National Biennial Conference on Adolescents and Adults with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder


7-9 Aprile 2016, Orlando

The science of Imagination: Cultivating curiosity and creativity in our schools


7-9 Aprile 2016, Jeddah (Arabia Saudita)

12th International conference on Psychiatry “Psychiatry in General Medicine”


8-9 Aprile 2016, Flint (USA)

Cognition and Neuroethics in Science Fiction


11-12 Aprile 2016, Osaka

5th International Conference on Social Science and Humanity


11-13 Aprile 2016, Vienna

The WEI International Academic Conference on Education and Humanities


14-16 Aprile 2016, Turkistan (Kazakistan)

5th International Conference on Social Culture and Sport


15-16 Aprile 2016, Toronto

International Conference on Arts, Social Science, Economics and Education


20-21 Aprile 2016, Kuala Lumpur

3rd National Counselling Conference


20-22 Aprile 2016, Taipei

International Conference on Education, Psychology, and Liberal Arts


21-22 Aprile 2016, Venezia

International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Scienes


21-24 Aprile 2016, Roma

5th International Scientific Forum


25-30 Aprile 2016, Tucson (USA)

The science of consciousness


26-27 Aprile 2016, Bangkok

International Conference on Disciplines in Humanities and Social Sciences


27-28 Aprile 2016, Istanbul

3rd International Conference on Management and Humanities


28-30 Aprile 2016, Izmir

7th World Conference on Psychology, Counseling and Guidance


30 Aprile – 2 Maggio 2016, Lisbona

International Psychological Applications Conference and Trends


4-5 Maggio 2016, Bangkok

International Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities


5-6 Maggio 2016, Faro (Portogallo)

International Conference on Interdisciplinary in Social and Human Sciences


5-6 Maggio 2016, Melbourne

Understanding and Promoting the Mental Health and Wellbeing of Young People


7-9 Maggio 2016, Kyoto

Asian Conference on Social Science and Management


7-10 Maggio 2016, Kyrenia (Cipro)

4th Annual International Conference on Cognitive – Social, and Behavioural Sciences


9-11 Maggio 2016, Barcellona

6th International Symposium: Love, Lust and Longing: Rethinking Intimacy


10-12 Maggio 2016, Antalya

4th International Congress on Clinical and Counselling Psychology


11-13 Maggio 2016, Praga

Exploring the Erotic. Bodies, Desires, Practices


11-13 Maggio 2016, Palm Beach

International Conference on Business, Economics, Finance and Accounting


12-14 Maggio 2016, Mosca

5th Annual International Research-to-Practice Conference – Early Childhood Care and Education


13-15 Maggio 2016, San Francisco

Pacific Conference on Psychology and the Behavioral Sciences


15-16 Maggio 2016, Dubai

3rd International Conference on Society, Education and Psychology


17-20 Maggio 2016, Atene

Annual International Conference of the Association of Psychology and Psychiatry for Adults and Children


18-19 Maggio 2016, Rzeszow (Polonia)

The International Scientific Conference Men and Women. Differences, Similarities


18-19 Maggio 2016, Ottawa

5th Annual Interdisciplinary Conference in Psychology


20-21 Maggio 2016, Malolos (Filippine)

3rd International Conference on Education, Psychology and Social Sciences


20-21 Maggio 2016, Malolos (Filippine)

International Conference on Research in Social Scienes, Humanities and Education


20-21 Maggio 2016, Flint (USA)

Ethics and the Brain


20-21 Maggio 2016, Corfù

Taboo – Transgression – Transcendence in Art & Science


23-26 Maggio 2016, Barcellona

International Conference for Academic Disciplines


24-25 Maggio 2016, Parigi

International Conference on Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences


27-28 Maggio 2016, Surakarta (Indonesia)

International Conference on Health and Well-Being