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numero 38 - giugno 2016

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Agosto - Novembre 2016

Agosto - Novembre 2016

1 Agosto 2016, Boston

International Academic Conference on Education and Humanities


1-2 Agosto 2016, Istanbul

International Research Conference on Business, Economics and Social Sciences


3-5 Agosto 2016, Kuala Lumpur

International Conference on Education, Psychology and Social Sciences


6-8 Agosto 2016, Pechino

2nd Journal Conference on Social Science and Humanity


13-14 Agosto 2016, Tokyo

International Conference on Management and Social Science


17-18 Agosto 2016, Langkawi (Malesia)

2nd International Social Development Conference


18-20 Agosto 2016,Oxford

Academic International Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities


29-30 Agosto 2016,Istanbul

5th International Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities


30-31 Agosto 2016,Istanbul

5th International Conference on Learning, Education and Pedagogy


31 Agosto – 1 Settembre 2016,Istanbul

5th International Conference on Psychology, Language and Teaching


31 Agosto – 2 Settembre 2016, Barcellona

Cognitive Psychology Section Annual Conference


1-3 Settembre 2016, Oxford

Making Sense of Food


1-4 Settembre 2016, Roma

XI European Conference on Social and Behavioral Sciences


4-8 Settembre 2016, Elenite (Bulgaria)

7th International Conference on Education, Research and Development


6-7 Settembre 2016, Bali

19th International Conference on Medical, Medicine and Health Sciences


9-10 Settembre 2016, Istanbul

International Research Conference on Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities


9-11 Settembre 2016, Ploiesti (Romania)

International Conference Mental Health – Psychology, Medicine and Anthropology for Life Quality


14-16 Settembre 2016, Bologna

2nd MIC Conference


16-19 Settembre 2016, Chiclana de la Frontera (Spagna)

XV Conference of the European Association for Research on Adolescence


17-20 Settembre 2016, Vienna

29th ECNP Congress


18-22 Settembre 2016, Calgary

22nd International Association for Child & Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions


19-20 Settembre 2016, Bali

3rd International Conference on Social Sciences


21-23 Settembre 2016, Vancouver

6th International Conference on Humanities, Society and Culture


22-24 Settembre 2016, Kranjska Gora

7th International Congress of Psychologists of Slovenia Applied Neuropsychology: Between Small and Big Networks – From the Brain to the World Wide Web


28-30 Settembre 2016, Singapore

2nd International Conference on Frontiers of Educational Technologies


30 Settembre, Londra

Psychosis & Schizophrenia in Adults


30 Settembre – 3 Ottobre 2016, Venezia

International Multidisciplinary Conference on Social Sciences and Arts


7-8 Ottobre 2016, Varsavia

“Dreaming Asleep, Dreaming Awake” International Conference


7-8 Ottobre 2016, Los Angeles

Global Symposium for Psychology Professionals


11-15 Ottobre 2016, Rodi

7th International Conference on Education and Educational Psychology


19-23 Ottobre 2016, Skopje

International Conference on Sustainable Development


20-21 Ottobre 2016, Lucknow (India)

3rd International Conference on Human Behaviour & Development Issues – Growth and Sustainability


20-21 Ottobre 2016, Milano

15th Advanced in Business-Related Scientific Research Conference


21-22 Ottobre 2016, Dubai

International Psychology Conference


23-25 Ottobre 2016, San Francisco

4th International Conference on Behaviours, Education and Psychology


31 Ottobre -1 Novembre 2016, Singapore

The International Conference on Well-being