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numero 28 - giugno 2015

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ECP 2015 - Key Note Lectures

ECP 2015 - Key Note Lectures

Multi-cultural experiences and identities: psychological dynamics and consequences

Verónica Benet Martínez
Pompeu Fabra University - Barcelona


The organization of object knowledge in the brain: domains and attributes

Alfonso Caramazza
Trento University and Harvard University


Resistance to change in a world of change: unravelling our secret traumatic attachments

Felicity de Zulueta
King’s College London


Empowering coaching: the development, delivery and impact of a theory-based intervention to promote adaptive motivational climate

Joan Duda
University of Birmingham


Paying taxes in a climate of mutual cooperation

Erich Kirchler
University of Vienna


The influence of primed goals on organizational behavior

Gary P. Latham
University of Toronto


Towards stress-management technology: perspectives on measuring and enhancing the human life potential

Anna B. Leonova
Moscow State University


Language and social cognition

Anne Maass
University of Padova


Risk factors for dementia: an overview

Lars-Göran Nilsson
University of Stockholm


Frontiers of consumer neuroscience – studying the brain outside the lab

Thomas Zoëga Ramsøy
Neurons Inc, Copenhagen and Singularity University, NASA Ames Research Park, Mountain View


Action and intention understanding: the neural mechanisms

Giacomo Rizzolatti
University of Parma


How far can we get? A future perspective on diversity and collaboration in psychology

Robert A. Roe
Maastricht University


Risk Psychology 

Christine Roland-Lévy
University of Reims


Family relationships: a long-lasting source of well-being

Eugenia Scabini
Catholic University of Milan


Health behaviour change

Ralf Schwarzer
Free University of Berlin


The vanishing effect of religious identity on personal values: a study of Protestantism, Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy,  Islam, Judaism, and non-affiliation

Shalom H. Schwartz
Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Values and pro-environmental actions

Linda Steg
University of Groningen


Actual values and attitudes of Czech children

Lenka Šulová
Charles University in Prague


Self-regulation as organizing individual development in cultural context

Gisela Trommsdorff
University of Konstanz


Transforming Evil into Heroism

Philip G. Zimbardo
Stanford University